Where are pin terminals commonly used in?
Jul 13, 2022

While pin terminals are used both in electrical & electronic systems, they find more use in electronic/communication systems.


An electronic system includes different electronic devices that are interconnected. This network of various components/circuits is connected using different interconnects.


An interconnect is a physical/logical connection between 2 electronic devices of networks.

Interconnects of various types have been developed for varying purposes such as signal transmission, power distribution, and more.

Based on termination ends, these interconnect have been classified into three:


1.       Board-to-board connectors

2..       Cable/wire-to-cable/wire connectors

3.       Cable/wire-to-board connectors


Board-to-board connectors: These connectors are mostly used for interconnecting PCBs without a cable. They save space on cables, hence making them suitable for systems with limited space irrespective of parallel & perpendicular configuration. Motherboard and daughterboard arrangements usually employ board-to-board connectors.



Cable/wire-to-cable/wire connectors: As its name suggests, it connects two wires or cables. One end is connected to a permanent wire while the other end to a separable interface.  There are a lot of varieties of Cable/wire-to-cable/wire connectors in the market each serving different purposes.


cable/wire-to-cable/wire connector

Cable/wire-to-board connectors: As its name suggests, Cable/wire-to-board connectors connect a wire to a PCB.  They are similar to the wire-to-wire connections, especially in the mating interface.


cable/wire-to-board connector

Terminals give different meanings when used in different disciplines. From an electrical perspective, it simply means a point at which a conductor comes to an end whether it be a component, device, or network. The textbook definition of a terminal would be, a connecting joint at an endpoint, acting as a reusable interface and creating a point where external circuits can be connected. To locate it in a circuit you can look at it at the end of a wire probably fitted with a connector or a fastener.

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