What is CNC Turning?
Jun 20, 2022

CNC turning is a CNC process where a cutting tool, a typically non-rotating component of the lathe or turning center, removes material from a rotating rigid material. This process produces different shapes and sizes depending on the turning operations used.

The first part of CNC turning is CNC,which stands for computer numerical controland is commonly associated with the automation of machining processes.


Turningis the machining term for a process where the workpiece is rotated while a single-point cutting tool removes material to match the final part design.


Therefore, CNC turning is an industrial machining process controlled by a computer and carried out on equipment capable of turning: a lathe or a turning center.  This process can take place with the axis of rotation in the horizontal or vertical orientation. The latter being used primarily for workpieces with a large radius relative to their length.

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